What is Here Now Cloud?

The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Content

What's in this Guide?

You'll find upcoming live events from all around the web. We spend our days searching for the most interesting live content, so you can find it easily.


If you want to suggest an event, please do. We'd love to list yours!

Which Live Platforms do we Promote?

We're as likely to recommend a Zoom event as a Facebook Live event, or some other streaming service.

Stay Safe Online

Live online interaction sometimes unpredictable. We hope that everyone brings their best self to all of the events that we list in our directory. We encourage you to use your best judgement in participating. We hope that you and your loved ones are able to connect with this new virtual world in the best possible way.

What About Privacy?

We take your privacy seriously, and we assume that you do too. We will never sell your personal information or your email address. But we do try to get a sense of our users' interests, so we can create a better experience and suggest the best possible content. Please visit our privacy policy for more details.

Be Well

When the creators of this site were children, we sometimes had to wait a year to watch our favorite TV shows. Around Christmas time, we'd sit with our families to watch The Sound of Music. We still remember the song about how every time a door closes, a window opens. A lot of doors have recently closed for us all, but one of the window that opened in response now brings a tremendous amount of quality live, online content into our homes.

Every day brings a different adventure.